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Too much time spent on the Admin side of things and not the reason you started the business?


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Administrative Assistance

Let us take over your Administrative Process and free your Hands to take care of what is truly important.

Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting

We can keep track of Incomes and Expenses and make regular reports. Your finances will thank you.

Project Management and Admin

Do you have a project and no way to manage or Administer it? We can take care of it.

Planning, Organisation and Scheduling

Do you need a Virtual Personal Assistant to just help you keep track of your daily tasks? 

Our Services

We assist you in growing and building the business you dream about.


Taxes & Efficiency

We assist you to keep track of the tax payments you need to so that you do not get fines.

Diaspora Assistance

We assist you in running errands, financial accountability, on-site inspections and so much more.


Errand running

We help with running some errands for you in and around town.

Company Set Up

Excluding Name registration, we assist in initial set up the business with Policies and procedures as well as operational systems.


Digital Marketing and PR

We assist you from the formulation of the digital marketing strategy to implementing it.

Communication coordination and scheduling

We run interference when needed for you. We can take the calls, draft emails, help with scheduling appointments and keeping track of the calendar

Document formulation and Editing

We help you formulate proposals, reports and other work related documents as well as editing any documents you need to.


Excellent Admin Support

We keep all the different tasks done and the work running.

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  • Time saving 80% 80%
  • Success rate 90% 90%
  • Customer satisfaction 99% 99%

About Us

We assist you in growing and building the business you dream about.

What we are good at

Virtants Agency is your best choice for qualified Administration Assistance. We offer to take the brunt of all the tedious tasks of running your business so that you can concentrate on why you started the business in the first place. 

Your success is our priority. 


Our Mission

To guide individuals, companies or and organizations by supporting strategic and practical responses to the changes and challenges of the ever-changing business atmosphere of the industry they are in.

 Our role is to set your business up for the success you aim for by providing tools, skills, systems and training to streamline productivity. Through our one-stop Admin shop, we are your professional Admin partner

Our Vision

To achieve high customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services at an affordable cost. Our forward vision is to be recognized as an impactful, effective and reliable Administrative partner throughout the region. We strive for a time when our clients have the skills, capacity and resources to achieve positive and lasting goals toward sustainable growth and development of their productivity and profitability.

Frequently Asked Question

Where are your offices?

Virtants consists of a team that generally works from home. They come to the client or conduct online meetings where necessary and do not take up space in your office. The Administrative Assistants of Virtants are mainly Ugandan working in Uganda and can assist you with anything you may need to efficiently run your business.

What is your price range?

Virtants prides itself on having competitive market prices for virtual administrative assistants in Uganda. The price is determined by the type and amount of work you need done, the time frame you need it done in and whether or not you are a retainer  (regular interval payment) customer or just need a one time service.

How is the work carried out?

Due to Virtants being a Virtual Assistant Firm in Uganda providing Virtual Assistant Services in Uganda, we try to carry out the majority of the work remotely. This includes Accounting services, Administrative services or even running errands for our clients. In light of the current health climate, this arrangement is ideal. The world is also moving towards fully virtual or cyber work spaces so we pride ourselves in both keeping the client safe and getting the work done while protecting the environment.


Nyanza Tours and Travel

Virtants has supported us in keeping track of all the Administrative systems and processes for us. This has made it easier for us to make better decisions and concentrate on the business at hand.

Step Up Standard limited

Virtants streamlined our accounting process. Now we know what our cash flow is, how to make it work for us and where it is working.

Trip Masters Limited

With the assistance of Virtants, administration in our company is one less thing to worry about. They take care of everything and make sure we get regular reports on what the internal climate looks like.

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We assist you in growing and building the business you dream about.


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