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Remote Administrative Assistant, your best bet to grow.

How a remote administrative assistant is your best bet to grow your business.
Using a remote administrator to grow your business


Having someone to do the tedious administrative tasks, while you do the decision making is one of the reasons businesses grow. Hiring a qualified and experienced Administrator can be expensive though, incurring costs you may not be ready to pay. Enter the Remote Administrative Assistant. They cost less to hire and work for less than a regularly paid employee. And yet you get more out of them. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Why is remote administration Important? 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, virtual and remote solutions became a thing of the present. All of a sudden people realized working from home was a thing. Getting remote work and having work done remotely was efficient and even in a time where health was a problem there was still great productivity.

Because of these shifts in the business industry, there became an increasing need for people who could offer the same services an employee could but a lower cost. 

A Remote administrative assistant is when you hire someone outside of your company to run the administration side of it. In most cases the work is done remotely. Google says a virtual administrative assistant is a remote employee who can be hired to assist you and your team with varied office administrative tasks, like maintaining and organizing databases, managing calendars and scheduling appointments, managing emails, creating business/meeting materials and much more. 

# How can a remote administrative assistant help my business grow, you ask?

Low initial investment.

A virtual assistant has the required equipment, technology and infrastructure to work without having to show up at your office. As a business owner, you can delegate tasks to them and by giving them access to your email and calendar they can coordinate them all remotely. This makes it possible to have a low initial investment in them, since you wouldn’t need to get all the equipment and technology yourself.


A Virtual Assistant is paid hourly, so you can choose and discuss how many hours they work per period of time which directly impacts the business expenses

Skill variety

Virtual Assistants usually have a large variety of skills and all those are at your disposal when you hire them. They also may not need training since they work in many different industries and have wide experience which can be useful to you.

Work with Global talents

The nature of remote work makes it possible to work with people in different countries. The nature of the world we live in now requires you to have some knowledge on different countries and markets. Both of these can be leveraged with a remote administrative assistant.


As mentioned above, office hours are flexible with a virtual assistant. Other flexibilities extend to the fluctuations of business. Knowing when your business is busy or not as busy will help you contract the remote administrator for administrative services for the exact hours you need them, for less or more depending on your needs. This flexibility shows results in efficiency, productivity and even costs. 

Productivity increase

By virtue of the fact that someone else would be dealing with the things that would normally give you a headache, you will be more productive. Time spent on things that would have taken up mental space now is put to use building, growing and decision making. 

Work-life balance improvement

When you are running a business on your own it is a full time job and sometimes your work-life balance suffers for it. Delegating some of the work to someone else helps with bringing back the balance so that you can spend more time on you and those you love.


If your focus is growth you will need to put some effort in handing some tasks to someone else. With a growth or upscaling strategy you need to include plans to hire more staff and having a virtual assistant is a step to making that happen since some of the menial tasks can be delegated to them like research of job description or needs or even document formatting formulation and so on. 

Skilled Project Management.

If there is one thing that can get away from a business owner it is keeping on top of all the things that are going on in the business without forgetting any. Having a virtual assistant can make this so much easier since they will keep you informed about milestones, achievements, next steps, stakeholder needs, reports and also schedules that are attached to all your projects. 


So do not despair if you do not have space in your budget for an administrator. It is very possible to get all the benefits of having an administrator without too much hustle of an in-house employee.


Speak to us about what Virtants Agency in particular can do for you in way of services or if you have questions contact us here and we will be happy to answer them.  

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