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Since we talked about what outsourcing administration is, we should talk about why you should consider moving in this direction.

First of all, outsourcing administration or outsourcing administration services is mainly done by small and medium-sized businesses that may not have the budget to hire an in-house full-time administrator but still need a qualified person. In this case, it is wise to get someone who can do all the things you need to be done at a low cost and concentrate on what is important to you in the business.

Why is Outsource Administration Important?

Cost-effective labour

It is very expensive in this day and age to get an experienced person to run the administrative tasks in your business. For example in this economy, a fresh graduate should be paid a minimum of 600,000/= (about $160) a month to work full-time in the office. With outsourced administration, you can hire an experienced professional for a fraction of that amount to deal with very specific tasks in your office and they will not need to take up space in the office. 

Save time and increase efficiency.

  The biggest problem with administration is it is time-consuming. When you choose to do it yourself, you are signing up to spend at least half of your time on things like reconciliations, bookkeeping and so forth. Getting someone else to do them will free up a lot of time for you and increase your efficiency since you can concentrate on what you need to get done.

Improve team leadership

When you have an outsourced administrator, you can delegate most of the menial tasks to them and concentrate on decision making and growing your business which will in turn improve your motivation and workflows.

Concentrate on client and business goals (versatility)

Outsourced administrators are very versatile. They can do and handle many tasks which helps you concentrate on client management and goal achieving. With more head space and time to deal with what makes you money, it is easier to scale up the business.

Access to highly skilled and experienced professional

With outsourced administration, you gain access to highly skilled and experienced professionals for a fraction of the price it would take to hire them in-house. This makes sure that your admin tasks are done efficiently and to industry standards and ensures professionalism in your business.

Level the playing field

With more experienced and professional administrators it becomes achievable to level the playing field between you and your larger business competition because work becomes streamlined.

Continuity and risk management

Having an outsourced admin ensures continuity because there are few to no disappearances of the people or abrupt quitting as it would be in the case of employees. This helps in managing risks of loss of information and or fraud.

Better work-life balance

Work-life balance can be difficult especially if the business processes take up more of your time. An outsourced admin helps take some of the load so that you can better balance them out. 

Technology and infrastructure improvements

Administrators in the outsourcing industry have access to better and more improved technology and infrastructure for the business support and thus you would in turn have access to these since they are working for you. This is where virtual assistants especially come in handy with virtual meetings and advanced graphics design tools.

Flexibility during fast-paced periods and slow periods

It is possible to have different administrative needs during the fast and slow periods. The flexibility of an outsourced admin helps you manage the possible inflation of costs during the fat periods and slow seasons by billing the tasks required at different times. 

Leveraging project management to better manage deadlines.

There are times when work is so hectic you may be afraid of not being able to meet all your deadlines. You might even forget about them! With an outsourced administrator, you have an in-build project manager who not only will keep up with your projects and where they are but also help you get them done on time when you assign them certain tasks connected to them.

# Here are some examples of tasks you can outsource to Virtants Agency

Tax and Tax efficiency


Errand Running

Communication and correspondence management

Meeting set-up and running

Event planning and coordination

Document formulation, proofreading and editing

Internal policy company setup

Personal assistance

Email management and scheduling


Now that you know why having your administration outsourced may be beneficial to you, it may help you in making a decision. Which tasks are you handling at the moment that sincerely can be tasked to someone else and free up more time for you. 


Contact us in order to either learn more about what we can do for you or just to ask more questions about this topic.

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